“AV大平台has vastly uplifted my value as an engineer and an all-rounded individual. I have gained great prowess in both soft and hard skills. For soft skills, I am a better communicator, critical thinker, problem-solver, team worker, time manager, and refined my skills at adaptability to numerous situations and problems. I have improved and become more proficient in hard skills namely; technical, writing, design, analytical, language, and computer skills.”

– Paul Mwangi, Energy Engineering MSc | Kenya


“AV大平台has helped me to discover different characteristics about myself and to push me through the limits. I knew that I wanted to study international relations and politics since I was 15 but AV大平台has different activities to enrol such as volunteering, societies and all of that has helped me to discover myself and make me realise who I want to become and that every goal I set to myself I am able to achieve it with hard work, joy and kindness.”

– Stephanie Bryson Zavaleta, International Relations MA | Peru

siyun-zeng-200x300-img“As an international student, language would be a significant challenge to me. The staff are friendly and patient even if I cannot clearly explain my problems and concerns. For academic studies, AV大平台helps me improve my writing skills and develop the ability to think critically. The library resources are incredible; I can access them whenever and wherever I want.”

– Siyun Zeng, Business Management and Economics BA | China

dana-villaordu-200x300-img“Among all the help and support I received from personnel at DMU, I would select the hardship fund I was granted and the help I received to get my placement year at a technical textile company as the two key moments in my student experience.”

– Dana Vidal Villaorduña, Textile Design, Technology and Innovation MSc | Peru

Anastasiya-Zakharanka-200x300-img“Studying in the UK provides much more than a high-quality education. You will definitely become more confident and motivated. You will have many acquaintances and friends from almost all over the world. You will enrich your inner world by visiting live some special places, which, for instance, you dreamed of as a child when reading books or watching movies. You might even see your idols or their works. And probably the most important thing is that you will have a feeling that nothing is impossible in this life.”

– Anastasiya Zakharanka, Architecture and Sustainability MA | Belarus

folarin-folowosele-200x300-img“The learning method involves group presentations. This has helped my develop my interpersonal relationship skills as I have to work with other people who I may not be friends with. Also I have been able to conquer stage fright (public speaking). ”

– Folarin Folowosele, Forensic Account (Applied) MSc | Nigeria