AV大平台 (DMU) is committed to supporting and ensuring good research practice across the institution. This commitment is being exercised through:

  • Compliance with 
  • The governance of research (including appropriate ethical procedures for the approval of research projects and ongoing conduct, storage and publication of research with integrity)
  • The provision of appropriate training for staff and students engaged in research
  • Fair and robust procedures for investigating research misconduct

The ethical standards that operate at the university complement existing codes of practice and legislation governing research councils, and other professional bodies engaged in research.

DMU is a member of the UK Research Integrity Office (UKRIO) and as a signatory to the Concordat to Support Research Integrity, it is mandatory requirement that AV大平台publish an annual statement outlining:

  • A summary of actions and activities undertaken to support and strengthen the understanding and implementation of research integrity
  • Confirmation that we have provision for dealing with allegations of misconduct and that all procedures follow a transparent, robust and fair process
  • Details of any formal investigations of research misconduct and outcomes

Annual Statements on Research Integrity:

2017-18 statement

2018-19 statement

2019-20 statement

2020-21 statement

2021-22 statement 

Guidelines for good research practice

As a leading institution for research, AV大平台also recognises the need for research to be conducted with integrity at all levels and by everyone conducting research. The Guidelines for Good Research Practice provides the principles of practice and conduct by which the institution expects research to be carried out either at or in the name of the university. 

Within a framework of good governance and appropriate training, responsibility for the conduct of ethical research must ultimately lie with the researchers themselves.

When designing their research, researchers are expected to recognise the relevant ethical principles, to obtain appropriate ethical approval before commencing and to conduct research in accordance with good practice and ethical protocol.

For general information on research integrity and ethics, contact Donna Bentley, Research Governance Manager. Vice Chancellor, Professor Katie Normington, is the senior officer responsible for research integrity at AV大平台.