AV大平台offers internships with an emphasis on on-the-job training. The Careers Team delivers three internship schemes to our students and recent graduates: ACE, Frontrunners and Graduate Champions.


ACE Internships last for 111 hours across 6 weeks averaging around 18.5 hours per week. They are paid at 拢11.44 per hour. If you are a current AV大平台undergraduate and are searching for opportunities, then you will be notified when applications open in November 2024. Although temporary, these opportunities can often lead to longer term roles for our students within their host companies afterwards; the long-term impact of this short-term role can't be underestimated.

The Frontrunners scheme is a great way for you to boost your employability whilst studying, offering paid internships, working on real tasks, with current AV大平台employees. Its aim is to provide you with the opportunity to gain some key experience that will boost your CV when it comes to applying for graduate roles.

The scheme runs across the same cycle each year. All positions are based either on campus or close by to enable you to successfully benefit from some great experience whilst still being able to commit fully to attending classes and completing coursework. The internships are for 10 hours per week (arranged flexibly around your timetable) and paid at 拢11.44 per hour.

How to apply

Applications are currently closed, but will be opening in February 2025. We still welcome any queries that you may have regarding the scheme via email at frontrunners@dmu.ac.uk and we will be more than happy to assist however we can.

The Frontrunners scheme operates a full, competitive recruitment process and is structured to ensure that all applicants will benefit from the experience, either by being successfully placed, or by being given the relevant feedback to assist in future applications.

The next round of internships will be starting on the 7th October 2024 and running for a total of 21 term weeks ending on the 21st March 2025.

A student's perspective

Why did you choose to study at DMU?

As a mature student interested in Nutrition, AV大平台was the best option for me as it was the only university in my area to offer a Nutrition Bsc. Going to the Open Days and meeting the programme leads was amazing as everyone was incredibly welcoming and supportive. Having left school at 15, I had to go back and get my GCSE鈥檚 in a couple of subjects, which affected my confidence; but the programme lead and my personal tutor went above and beyond to help support me on my journey and helped me set achievable goals. The environment provided by AV大平台is so important not only for academic success but for personal growth, regardless of your background.

What employability initiatives did you get involved in whilst at DMU?

I got involved in university life 鈥 I took up course rep position, and became a brand ambassador for two years. I also volunteered at a food bank during lockdown through the university. In my second year I got the opportunity to be part of the Frontrunners scheme on a research project in Dr. Breda鈥檚 lab. My worked revolved around looking at genetics in neurodegenerative disease - particularly in Alzheimer's and Parkinson's.

How did they benefit you?

My time as a Frontrunner was amazing and a brilliant learning opportunity which enabled me to get some hands-on experience in the lab. My supervisor Dr. Breda took the time to teach, encourage and challenge me out of my comfort zone. At the beginning of the scheme I listed areas I鈥檇 like to work on, confidence being my top priority. Dr. Breda really took this on board and helped me build it up by pushing me to explain things to other students and work out problems for myself instead of giving me the answers.

What has your Frontrunners internship led to?

At the moment I鈥檓 doing a Summer student research project from the Physiological Society. The project consists of a grant totalling to 拢1700 of which 拢1000 went to myself and 拢700 to the lab. I had the opportunity to come up with my own idea to execute, which is something I didn鈥檛 think would be a possibility when starting my degree. My supervisors Dr. Breda and Dr. Marisole Da Boit were of great help when it came to securing this project. My journey is proof of how far you can come by having a good support system and taking advantage of the opportunities in front of you. Currently helping me on the project is Zuza, who is a Medical Science student taking part in the Frontrunners scheme in the upcoming term. She is passionate and hardworking and we will both be taking part in the British Science Festival as Brand Ambassadors, which is being hosted at DMU.

Graduate Champions is a paid internship scheme for AV大平台graduates to help provide the opportunity to gain relevant graduate level experience in the search for permanent employment. The scheme is now open for applications.

Graduate Champions internships last for 6 weeks, and average around 18.5 hours. They are paid at 拢11.44 per hour. If you are a 2023 graduate and are searching for opportunities, then you will have been notified that applications have now opened. Although temporary, these opportunities have often led to longer term roles for our graduates within their host companies afterwards; the long-term impact of this short-term role can't be underestimated.




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