Careers Team Digital

The Careers Team Digital, launched in 2019, brings an extensive new range of online resources to help AV大平台students plan and practise for their career in a digital age.

Through the Careers Team Skills Hub, you can upload your CV and receive instant feedback for making improvements. Students can measure their career readiness at any time using a short self-access survey and receive personalised recommendations for building their employability. 

A vast library of online resources includes regularly updated videos from key recruiters and the opportunity to take part in realistic interview simulations. And as you would expect, you can book one-to-one careers appointments any day of the week and use our systems to browse thousands of job vacancies, placements and .

And since 2020 all AV大平台students can now access the entire library of professional training resources available through , just by logging in with their AV大平台password.

Students and graduates, make the most of our online resources to plan and develop your career!

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