How to apply as an international student at AV大平台

Every year, international students from more than 100 countries apply to study at AV大平台 (DMU).

While applying to university can be a complex process, we’re here for you every step of the way to try to make your journey from application to arrival as smooth as possible. 

  1. Create your application

    Before applying, make sure to research the academic entry requirements for your course, which you can find on the entry criteria section of your course page.

    Apply via an agent

    You may choose to apply through any of DMU鈥檚 contracted agents in your country. They will assist in applying.

    Apply directly via the AV大平台Application Portal

    You can apply directly to AV大平台via the . The application checklist provided below will help you to apply directly. For assistance in using the portal, see the Online Portal guidance document.


    (University and Colleges Admissions Service) is an online application system where you can apply for undergraduate courses at AV大平台using the Institution Code: DEM/D26.x

    Applicant checklist

    Academic transcripts
    You need to submit your latest academic transcripts for the application to be considered. Some courses in the Arts, Design and Humanities faculty may require a portfolio as part of the application. More information can be found on the portfolio advice page.

    Proof of English language proficiency
    For the full list of suitable documents, please visit the country-specific entry requirements page and your course page.

    Personal statement
    Your personal statement will usually be about 500 words. As well as telling us a bit more about you as an individual, you should explain your motivations for pursuing your desired course at AV大平台and in Leicester, and how the course will benefit your career or academic aspirations.

    Applicants with a two-year gap in their undergraduate education or a five-year gap in their postgraduate education are generally expected to submit an enhanced personal statement.

    You may also be asked to complete an EPS if you have previous visa refusals, or your application is perceived to carry a high risk.聽

    However, if you are a sponsored student by a government body, or, if you are a national of one of the countries listed in , you are exempt from submitting an EPS.

    Generally, a referee will be somebody who has known you in an academic or professional setting.

    Your referee must explain why they think you will be suitable for the course. It should include the date, your details and the details of the referee along with their signature.

    The contact email address of the referee must be an official email address and not a personal one (for example, Gmail).

    Copy of your passport
    A scanned copy of your passport will be required to proceed with your application.

  2. Types of decision

    Unconditional Offer 鈥 If you meet all the requirements on the entry criteria for your course, you will receive an unconditional offer. This means you can proceed with the next steps to get to the UK. These will be explained on your offer letter.

    Conditional Offer 鈥 You will be able to see your conditions on your offer letter. You should submit evidence to demonstrate that you have met these conditions to the university to receive an unconditional offer.

    Reject 鈥 If your application does not meet the entry criteria, it may be rejected.

    Refer - Where possible, you will be referred to other courses that you may qualify for, or, you may be referred to the AV大平台International College.

  3. Credibility process

    Individuals of certain nationalities have a higher likelihood of unsuccessful visa applications. As such, the university requires students from India, Sri Lanka, Nigeria, Ghana, Pakistan, Bangladesh, Nepal, Iran and Afghanistan to attend a credibility interview process in their conditional offer letters.

    During this process, you will be tested on your abilities to demonstrate your knowledge of studying at AV大平台as an international student.

    In addition to this, document checks will include:

    • Your passport
    • Evidence of funding to cover your tuition and living expenses in the UK

    If you are a national of Nigeria or Ghana, you need to email your offer letter to ssafrica@dmu.ac.uk and request a credibility interview to be scheduled. No payment is required to enter the credibility process.

    If you are a national of Iran, you need to email your offer letter to menaca@dmu.ac.uk and request a credibility interview to be scheduled. No payment is required to enter the credibility process.

    If you are a nationl of India or Sri Lanka, you need to pay a minimum refundable deposit of 拢2,000 to enter the credibility process. If you are supported by an agent, please forward the payment receipt to them. For direct applicants, please send the payment receipt along with your offer letter to india@dmu.ac.uk and request a credibility interview to be scheduled

    If you are a national of Nepal, Bangladesh, Pakistan and Afghanistan, you need to have passed one of the accepted English tests at the required entry level for your course. Following that, you need to pay a minimum of 拢3,000 of your tuition fee as a refundable deposit to enter the credibility process and send the proof of payment to RoSa@dmu.ac.uk

    If you are unsuccessful in the interview, you may request a full refund of your deposit. You will not be able to make another application until the next intake.

    See more information on聽how to prepare for the credibility interview.

  4. Tuition fee payment

    You need to pay a minimum of 50% of your first year鈥檚 tuition fee to receive your CAS (Confirmation of Acceptance for Studies) letter, which has a unique reference number to apply for your visa.

    Paying the deposit shows your commitment to studying at AV大平台and helps demonstrate that you are a committed student.

    If some or all of your tuition fee and/or living costs are covered by a financial sponsor, you will need to provide a financial guarantee letter from your sponsor. The letter must be on an official headed paper that includes the following,

    • Your full name and date of birth as on your passport
    • Full name and logo of your financial sponsor
    • Your course name and start date as mentioned on the offer letter
    • Date of the issuance of the sponsor letter, the signature of the sponsor, and an official stamp of the organisation
    • The amount of the tuition fee or living costs that will be covered by your sponsor.

    You must show evidence of the remaining money in an eligible bank account.

    聽In order to qualify as an official financial sponsor, the sponsor must fall under one of the following categories:

    • A government
    • The British Council or an international organization
    • An international company
    • A university or a UK independent school
    • The US Government's Federal Student Aid program
  5. Visa application

    After receiving the CAS document, you may now proceed to applying for your student visa. Advice and guidance are provided in our dedicated visa advice page.

  6. Registration

    Applicants who have made AV大平台their firm choice by making a minimum 50% deposit will have to register before they can start their academic year. There are two steps in registration.

    Preliminary registration (online) 鈥 A preliminary registration link will be sent to you via email.

    Face-to-face registration (on campus)鈥 After completing the online registration, you will receive another link to book your face-to-face registration on campus. This is the final step of registration before you can receive your university identity card and start your course This is the final step of registration before you can receive your university identity card. This is usually done in-person after you arrive on the campus.


Key postgraduate dates for January 2024 intake


Published latest application date for all markets


Latest date admissions will accept evidence of fulfilment of academic offer conditions


50% deposit payment deadline


Last date Credibility Interviews can be conducted


CAS issuance deadline


Teaching start date


Last registration deadline


Key dates for the April intake of International Business Management MSc

  • Latest application date: 23 February
  • Credibility Interviews will take place 12-29 February, Mon-Sat. (4-8 March there will be limited slots available)
  • Advertised deposit deadline: 1 March
  • CAS issuance deadline: 18 March for standard, 25 March for priority/super priority markets
  • Face-to-face registration is anticipated to begin 3 April
  • CAS start date: 8 April 
  • Course start date: 22 April
  • Latest date of enrolment: 24 April

Contact us

You can contact the team via telephone or email:

E: admissions@dmu.ac.uk
T: (+44) 0116 207 8443

All documents should be submitted to admissions@dmu.ac.uk