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Going to university: a parent's guide

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Choosing the right university is a major decision for your child. As a parent or guardian, you’ll want to help them to find a course and university that they’ll love and will get them where they want to be in life.

We too are committed to supporting them every step of the way. To answer your questions about helping your child through the various stages of making a university application, this page contains explanations and resources about things to consider. We’ve also created a digital student toolkit where your child can get advice and support through their application, or they can have a one-to-one chat with current students and advisers.

A great way to see all that AV大平台has to offer is to visit one of our Open Days with your child, where you can take the opportunity to ask any questions you may have. These packed events are the best way to gain a feel of what AV大平台life is really like, should your child choose to study with us.

Our innovative and inclusive approach to learning, using block teaching, means that you will learn in a focused teaching format, studying fewer modules at a time instead of many all at once. Students will benefit from more time to engage and focus on each topic and receive faster assessment feedback. They will get a real sense of belonging by working more closely with the same teaching team and group of course mates on each block, and have a better study-life balance overall, leaving students free to enjoy all the other important aspects of university life.

Our award-winning Careers Team, is here to open doors for your child and to help them find their dream career. It provides your child with guaranteed work experience opportunities, flexible career support tailored to their needs, placement years that count towards their degree, and unlimited digital tools such as LinkedIn Learning courses, practice interviews, self-assessments, and instant personalised CV feedback through the Careers Team Skills Hub.

Resources for you

Find out what resources are available for parents and guardians to support their child whilst studying at DMU.

So your child is applying to university 鈥 here are your next steps:

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