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NFT4Play is a P2E Members-first iGaming Platform with Meaningful Multi-layered Rewards


Utility-Packed NFT Trading Cards


iGaming & eSports Tournaments


Weekly Membership Lottery


Membership Pool

Exclusive rewards and members perks!

Ready, Set, GO!

NFT4Play Membership pool features the greatest value, premium benefits, and most unique experiences available in the iGaming space to date! Members can start earning rewards immediately through our weekly community distribution program.

Additionally, members enjoy early access to exclusive powered NFT cards, interactive games, multifaceted tournaments plus guaranteed entries into our monthly lottery drawings plus way more!

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Tiers and Rewards

Pick the tier that’s right for you!


It’s Your Turn to Earn

Participation in the NFT4Play’s ecosystem is exclusively available to members only. There are four tiers ranging from Green to VIP— the more you contribute to the pool, the greater the perks you’ll receive.

The minimum contribution to the MEMBERSHIP POOL VAULT is 25 USDT. Members may cancel at any time by simply withdrawing their funds (A 7-day claiming period will apply from the withdrawal date before you can claim your funds.)

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Powered NFT Cards

It’s MINT to be!

NFT4Play will enable members to mint eco-exclusive playing cards that can be used to participate in player vs player gaming events. Build the winning team with the attributes that you need to implement your strategy.

By levelling up NFT cards, players will be able to boost the inherent value of their NFTs. In addition to levelling up, our generative art NFT card’s will have the dual aspect of having both in-game attributes along with cosmetic features.



What does NFT4Play do with the funds in the membership pool?

Approximately 80% of the funds in the membership pool are placed into yield-generating strategies, such as "the curve.” An additional 20% is used for sophisticated algorithmic-based sports betting facilitated through Sportingfunds Inc. This 80/20 deployment and distribution model ultimately benefits the community. Yields are generously allocated among members through our “everyone must-win” lottery system.

What are the membership pool levels and rewards?

The core value proposition of NFT4Play's platform lies in our unique multi-layered membership pool and robust rewards scheme. Engagement and access to the NFT4Plays platform are exclusively available for members only. To become a member, you need to put in a minimum buy-in amount within the pool to determine your tier (green, silver, gold, VIP). Those who join the pool will instantly begin to earn lucrative rewards and can participate in exclusive platform activities.

How much are the tiers, and what are the benefits?

Membership tiers are determined based on the total amount of contributions each member has made.

Membership Pool and Reward Scheme are as follow:

NFT Mining
4PLAY Mining
Green Medals
Green Medals
Silver Medals
Green Medals
Silver Medals
Gold Medals
Green Medals
Silver Medals
Gold Medals
What if I don’t want to be a member anymore?

The process of relinquishing your membership is just as hassle-free as acquiring one. If you wish to leave, you just need to simply withdraw your funds, and presto, you’re done. Please note, your funds will only be available to claim after the seven-day withdrawal period.

What are the details of the “everyone must-win” lottery?

All aforementioned returns and discretionary top-ups from foundational generated revenues will be returned to members through our EMW lottery system. Winners are chosen at random. Each member’s contributed amount in the pool directly corresponds with their chance of winning. So if a person has $100 in the pool and the pool total is $10,000, then their odds of winning are 1%.

What are legendary cards, and how do I get them?

Legendary cards combine the benefits of all four tiers into one convenient card, plus more! As a Legendary cardholder, you'll receive even more exciting benefits and perks such as a higher percentage of weekly rewards, automatic inclusion in the lotteries and NFT boosting benefits.

As part of the public sale, a very small number of Legendary cards will be reserved for raising capital.

How do I mint and level up cards to play with?

In this system, every game has its own minting smart contract, so each individual can choose what cards they want to receive for their chosen game.

Where can I get 4PLAY tokens and how do I get them?

Initially 4PLAY tokens will be made available via a Private Raise and via Public IDOs. Please follow us on social media to be kept
informed regarding platforms and dates.

After the TGE 4PLAY tokens will be distributed via the membership pool, via staking pools and on exchanges.

First-time buyer (step by step guide)?

1. NFT4Play will be on the easy-to-use BSC network. The
very first step would be setting up a wallet using
the Metamask plugin on your web browser. Create a
MetaMask Wallet or import one.

2. The next step is setting up your MetaMask to connect to
BSC Network.

3. You will now need to load up your wallet with $BNB. You
can either buy this directly from Metamask or via a CEX like
Coinbase or Kraken.

4. Now you are ready to connect your wallet to our homepage and Voila! You are locked, loaded, and ready to become an exclusive member! Congratulations, and welcome to the NFT4Play family!